Yarny is the playable character and the main protagonist of the game Unravel.



A close up of Yarny


Yarny attempting to cross a gap

Appearance Edit

Yarny is a small creature composed entirely of red yarn which is organized in a similar fashion to a yarn ball. His body is slender, with his head curving to make it look almost as though he has ears.

His eyes are made of white yarn which is threaded into the mass of red that comprises Yarny's body. He does not have a mouth or nose.


As a character the player controls in the game, Yarny's personality shines through his nonverbal reactions to his environment. He is quite curious, a little timid, and very charming. He is very much a problem solver as well.

Abilities Edit

Since Yarny is the character you control in the game he can do many things. He can jump and pull objects into place. He can also use his yarn to create bridges and slingshots allowing him to jump higher distances. His yarn can also be thrown out to grab objects from far away, or to swing around places. One interesting thing about him is the fact that he can run out of yarn and will occasionally need to find more in order to continue on, or the puzzle has to be completed in a certain way where the yarn given is just enough to solve the puzzle.

Main storyEdit

(needs story, progression, details.)


  • According to Sahlin, the yarn that makes up Yarny represents love, and that the character unravels as they travel away from what they love.
  • Yarny makes an appearance in the Nifty Knitting Pack for The Sims 4



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Yarny in the snow.

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