Unravel 2 is the first sequel game to Unravel, a physics-based platform game created by Martin Sahlin and developed by Coldwood. It released during it's announcement at E3 on June 9th, 2018.


Unravel 2 brings back our friend Yarny, a character made entirely from yarn. The game has no audible narrative but is full of areas to explore and puzzles to solve. Unravel 2 adds more landscapes such as forest and urban areas including towns. There are two Yarny's that can still be controlled by a single player, however the game also adds a co-op mode, allowing a second player to join in. Together players work to help both characters overcome traps and obstacles that otherwise would be impossible to conquer individually.

The game moves faster and the characters more acrobatically then the previous game. The levels are more enhanced and elaborate than before. The spark still leads Yarny initially in the game, but then is off to let Yarny and his friend explore on their own. The Yarny's are red and blue by default but can be changes to other colors if needed. This is especially useful for players with colorblindness. The avatars can also be personalized.





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