"Thistle and Weeds" is the first level you play in Unravel. You play as the character named Yarny which is a red yarn doll with a framed body and movable legs.


Main storyEdit

It opens up with an image of a family sitting on a bench. However, it then fades to show only one person remaining on the bench.

After the game play begins you venture out of the house and into the yard. Yarny ventures into the trees from there where you will need to create yarn bridges and such to navigate the high branches. You will also navigate an area near the side of the house. There will be a collectible near that area. There is also a collectible hidden behind a beautiful sunflower. After clearing that portion of the level there will be a tricycle which you will need to push up against the gate and ride deep into the forest. You will venture through this forest area for a while. Finally, you will reach a tire swing. Use it to help you get into the shed area. There will be a collectible in here also. You will then launch yourself out of the shed onto a bed of leaves. After you land Yarny will find a small little flower looking item that is most likely knitted. He'll hold it up and the level will end.

The knitted flower will be added to the cover of your photo album, and more photos will be visible.



Walk-through Edit

Unravel - Chapter 1 (Thistle and weeds) Walkthrough incl all Secrets (Collectible Locations)

Unravel - Chapter 1 (Thistle and weeds) Walkthrough incl all Secrets (Collectible Locations)


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